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My cameras

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What I currently use


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the iPhone is ideal for filming, but it is good. Very good. And it is handy. It is always there when I need it. I use it for vlogging, I take most of my Instagram pics with it. If the lighting is good, I can totally rely on my iPhone.

Handy trouble maker

My husband was looking for a good handy camera and picked this one. I hate if for many reasons and love it for some. It overheats easily and stops filming. It doesn’t have a flip screen, so I need to atach a monitor while filming myself. But it is very small for what it is and I can attach a mic to it.

Camera with continuous auto focus

Finely, we found a great vlogging camera with a good mic and multifunctional tripod. If I have to choice just one cam to take with me, I would always pick this one, taking an additional the 50 mm lens with me, see below.

Best I could afford

This is my first amazing camera and I will not trade it for an other one. It takes the most stunning videos and pictures. I have 3 lenses. One for filming, the 50 mm, the 10mm macro lens for food photography, and the 35mm for street photography.

Best for driving around and underwater

I love this camera for not needing a case for underwater filming. It not very great for much more than that. I would sometimes film a long car drive or a time lapse. Once its filming, it pretty reliable and doesn’t overheat like all the other cameras. It also doesn’t stop after 20 minutes like the other cams I have.


Meine Reisestative


Before having this guy, I couldn’t imagine filming while walking. If you are into blogging with your phone, get one.


I don’t travel with lights. I have some at my home base, or should I better as in the storage. I traveled with 2 lights for 2 years and couldn’t have filmed my food prep videos without them, but for non-food filming and vlogging, I try to get away without.




Go pro

A would love to try out the new go pro with my gimble.

A back up camera

I’m not sure if I should get an extra iPhone as a back up camera, or a better small camera. Any suggestions?

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