Make your own best kimchi ever using raw, vegan, organic ingredient

There is no reason to buy kimchi, good kimchi is very expensive and I’ve never found a salt-free kimchi so far. And even if you are not concerned about the salt, let me tell you how you can make a 16 oz jar organic & raw kimchi for $1 in 15 minutes instead of paying for it $7-12 at a store.

Kimchi | raw, vegan, salt-free

The simple, easy, and delicious kimchi recipe.
      Knife, Glass Jar    

For the Kimchi

1-2 heads fresh, organic
Chinese cabbage, washed
6 gloves fresh, organic
garlic, minced
to taste organic
paprika powder
to taste fresh, organic
ginger, minced
1/2 cup organic
daikon reddish
1/4 cup fresh, organic
leek, cut so the stripes
as needed pure
Wash the cabbage, dry the leaves, cut them into chunks discarding the root end. Massage the cabbage using your hands till it gets much softer. Add all the other ingredients but water. Toss everything together and continue massaging the mix till it gets even softer. Press the kimchi into a jar really tight, work layer by layer. Leave a litte room for water. Now add as much water as possible to cover the cabbage completely. Don't place an airtight lid on the jar. If you need to protect the jar fro insects, use for example a nutmilk bag.
Let your kimchi sit outside the fridge for 2-4 days and check on it daily. Add more water if necessary to keep the cabbage covered with water at all times. It should smell every day more and more like sauerkraut, try it, as soon as it tastes fermented and sour, its ready to eat. Depending on how warm it is, it could take longer than 4 days. I usually eat my kimchi within 2 days after its fermented. But it will keep in the fridge for to one month.

Did you know that the traditional kimchi is not vegan at all, keep it in mind the next time you eat kimchi somewhere.

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