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How not to destroy your camera in humid climate

Here is a story about how I destroyed my computer and my phone and almost destroyed my expensive camera + lenses.
I’ve learned my lesson and just wish someone would have told my this little trick before it all happened.

The trick

Protect your computer and camera from humidity in 2 steps

  • Waterproof case
  • Dehumidifier

What about just getting a plastic box. I always prefer having a suitcase with me than looking for a waterproof plastic box after arriving. A good plastic box is not as easy as in the US and if you find one more or less waterproof, it will be pretty pricy. Besides all the hassle, I like to have a suitcase for security reasons as well. Check out my post on keeping your gear safe here.

Is it safe to travel with my computer and camera? I could be.

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