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glaser organic farmers market

if you love organic produce, fruits or raw vegan gourmet cuisine like i do you have to stop by this market on saturday and spend your day there and you will meet new amazing people

3 of our friends highly recommended us this market and now i understand why, never ever i have seen such an abundance of freshly prepared organic raw salads, soups, pies together with fruits, nuts and superfoods, the fact that miami beach where we are staying lacks absolutely everything a fruit lover needs makes the visit even more exiting and satisfying

the good thing is that whatever diet you are following you will find something to enjoy, as a low fat fanatic i could have eaten just the beautiful organic fruits, salads and sprouts, but not this time …

we came in the morning so all the countless salads, soups and pies were presented in their untouched beauty
before trying almost all of them, we had an organic watermelon and 2 sapotes

the cucumber soup was the most amazing raw soup i have ever had, before, in love with the lime almond soup from la mano verde in berlin and the zuchini soup served at cafe gratitude in munich, but this one bet both, it was so creamy and the cucumber noodles were so soft and melted in my mouth

the salads were very tasty but oily, i prefer oil free dressings, especially if nuts and avocados are involved too, but i understand that almost everyone is nuts about their oil in salads, for me those are more of a than something i could eat on the daily bases

i loved the wild rice salad, we never ever get the wild rice as soft as they did, the kale garlic salad was amazing as well

the stuffed mushrooms were to die for, there are actually two different kinds, i liked one better than the other, make sure you try both, the bigger mushrooms were flatter and softer, i liked them more, the pesto hidden underneath the stuffing was incredible

and then we had ice cream, not just ice cream, we got the best raw vegan ice cream ever, texture wise it is similar to the ice cream at the m.a.k.e. in santa monica, but i mean glaser organic farms had pistachio
it has been my favorite flavor for so many years
i wish we would have tried all the ice cream flavors …

after the salads, the soup and the icecream we were already felt pretty full and left to buy a tripod head that i am gonna use for future food pics

as we returned 3 hour later we tried an other creamy soup, the broccoli soup which my husband loved but it tasted bitter to me, but i am very very sensitive to bitterness and so i got myself more of the cucumber soup

we also tried corn salad, had more of the amazing mushrooms and kale salad, the raspberry shortcake and the tiramisu, the corn salad was good, but i make a better one ;) the raspberry cake was to sweet for my taste and the tramisu very sweet too and very liquid, i wished i had more ice cream instead or just fruit

we had no room for pizza or monk tuna boats which i would have loved to try, maybe the next time …
as i found out they ship, even ice cream, definitely gonna order some goodies from NYC later this year

we also bought our favorite nuts, seeds and hemp butter so i can make some nut dishes for you when we get back home to costa rica where unprocessed nuts are not available in that quality and for that price

fine print

organic and vegan?

most produce is organic, ask the friendly stuff, they will know

the buffet seems 100% organic and vegan, however i found a dressing that is sold at the market had raw honey in it and they also sell raw milk and yoghurt at the market

on some ingredients lists of the pies the mangos and papayas were not labeled as organic, the stuff was not sure assuming it was a missprint, we bought other pies ;) the pies were beautiful and delicious!


the buses stop directly at the market
parking is available at the property where the market is held


we find the prices fair compared to raw food restaurants or even buying everything at wholefoods and preparing it ourselfes

1 melon, 2 sapote, 1 avocado nuts and seeds $90
soup, salads, mushrooms $30
ice cream $12
soup, salads, pie $27
big melon $7
shortcake, salad $24
hemp butter, big ceramic peeler $29

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