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Germany SnapStories 2015

November Stories


Coming tomorrow.
Chili all day.
So much raw food at rawtastic. We spent the day here and met some of our amazing friend we wont bee seeing for the next 6 month while in Thailand.



My two fav meals, breakfast and dinner!
We went for a walk and forgot to eat breakfast, let’s see what we can find on the way.
It’s World Vegan Day and we are excited to meet so many beautiful people in the heart of Berlin.


October Stories


It’s Stefan’s birthday. We always thy to go to a raw vegan restaurant to celebrate this special occation. Couldn’t have picked a better place to go.
On the way to Cuxhaven to visit Glücksküche, where the raw vegan cheeze is made. We are super excited to try the most beautiful raw cakes too.
Cheeze for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. We are off for a walk by the water, the weather is just amazing.


Before we came to Hamburg, we were talking about running along the river. It’s so close to our place, let’s do it today.
Lazy day in Hamburg. Flea market. Meeting my cousin & my amazing fiends. Reeperbahn.
Back to Berlin. It’s Sunday, we have nothing to eat, of to Daluma, Mauerpark, and the one organic market that’s open. Celery slaw!


Cucumbers are on sale and I can’t say no to cheap organic cucs. Noodles day long. Workout in Volkspark Friedrichshain till dark.
City life. We have so much to do today. We rented a car, went to a dentist, Ikea, ate amazing salads, bought plant based fabrics for new dresses.
I’m shooting for a new book. So many spread. So much to eat. This kitchen is a mess!



Thursday is market day. It’s raining all day long.
Festival of lights in Berlin.
Spread madness.


Grapes, grapes, more grapes. Let’s go to Mauerpark.
Filming funny beauty tutorials.
No, you don’t have to cook rice.


7-layers dip. Can you believe it?







September Stories


Just walking around the block. Berlin is so exciting. Never getting boring. It’s the day before we are leaving for Hamburg, it’s time for a kitchen sink salad to clear the fridge.
Short train ride to Hamburg, moving it and off to the raw food restaurant, yum. Sunday walk around Alster to keep up with our traditional Sunday’s strolls. Meet my sis.
It’s Monday, we are out of food. 3 all organic stores and the all vegan Veganz market so close by. Come and catch some sun rays at the Elb beach with us.

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