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Raw Filled Chocolate Apple Cinnamon | Golden Apple

Raw vegan chocolate with a hint of Christmas.

Raw Chocolate Nuts & Cherries | Lifefood

Trying raw snacks in Germany.

Chi Chia Kugeln | Govinda

Trying raw snacks in Germany.

Organic onion crisps | Life food

Trying raw snacks in Germany.

Romeo Chocolate | Life food

Trying raw snacks in Germany.

Raw bars | Simply Raw

Trying raw snacks in Germany.

Rote Beete Cracker| Govinda

Trying raw snacks in Germany.

Kale Chips | The rawlicious food

Trying raw snacks in Germany.

It's all about raw food and durians | Ubud, Bali

As every day, we are going to eat some amazing raw vegan food. Today, we are going to one of our fav raw food restaurant in Bali - The Seeds of Life, they have daily specials, and we NEED to try the Mondays' special lasagne today. For dinner, we got 8 durians and ate 5 of them (they are much smaller as the ones you get in Thailand, and 2 were not really edible, so don't worry, we are not gonna die of all the fat, and we had fruit for breakfast.


Grate, mix in some cashew yoghurt and enjoy your homemade creamy superhot horseradish spread.

Sushi addiction

I could never let go of sushi. Why should I. Just look at these raw vegan sushi rolls. I made smoked salmon out of papaya. This recipe was inspired by the one I tried at a vegan potluck in Munich last week. It's really easy to make, except the smoking part.I really cold smoked it. But smoked salt will do as well, if you eat salt. I'm not suggesting anything, just saying. There will be a sushi book one day. But for now, enjoy the smoked papaya salmon.


Beautiful herb. And so delicious.

Gourmet Raw Day in Toronto

A raw vegan tour in less than 4 hours. Whole Foods, Rawlicious, Live Organic Food Bar. We ate some great food, dived into the beautiful city, looking forward to come back soon.

Aloe Vera

Medicinal plant and a wonderful skin care product

Sauerkraut Avocado

My favorite Sauerkraut dish. The perfect combo.

Cinnamon Roll

Make your own raw vegan cinnamon roll!


An other beautiful variety of kale. Oh so good in a salad.


Make your own heart sushi.


Never tried? You are missing out on so much!


I'm nuts about this here!


The unusual raw noodle salad, so easy to make and just as delicious as all the salads on rawismyreligion.com

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