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Lemon Geranium

The leaves smell lemony fresh, always a pleasure to walk by and touch the lives gentely.

Pink flowers

Walking by these beauties every day on the way to the car.

Plumeria of Tenerife

Wasn't expecting to find this flower here.

Water lily is flowering for a day

First come, first serve.

Lilacy Flower

Caught my eye.

Busy bee on the street of Santa Monica

Just the other day I found a bee crawling around in the parking lot, I took her to the nearest flower hoping she can reenergieze and fly back home. Keeping my eyes open for the beauty of the urban nature pays off almost every day. Today, I watched this beautiful hard worker on a white flower.

Lonely Flower

Dry Season in the tropics.

White Hortensia

Beautiful flower found in a park in NYC.

The Rooster

Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres.

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