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Would I date a non-vegan?

In today’s mukbang we are gonna talk about dating a non-vegan as a vegan. The pros and the cons and a little personal stuff.

I don’t wanna date a non-vegan

There are tons of weird situations you can end up in if you’re dating a non-vegan as a vegan. Eating out, hanging out with their friends and non-vegan family, kissing his/her meat scented lips …

Dating a Non-vegan is good for the animals

Every non-vegan needs a vegan in their life, at least for a while, to show them how amazing animals are and that you don’t have to eat them at all. A non-vegan is very likely not to have any vegan friends and if they has, friends never have as strong of an impact as a partner.

Inspiring a non-vegan

Having this interest in you the person awards you with opens up the possibility for sharing your world with them.

Is there a type of a Non-vegan to avoid

As there are fully committed vegans there are committed meat eaters who genuinely believe eating meat is healthy and absolutely necessary. They will swear to never give up meat ever. The chances to reach a person with this mindset are slimmer than a person who is ambivalent about the food.

Non-vegans that are great for dating?

Someone who is truly interested in you and wants to know more about everything that you are doing, at the same time isn’t following a strict meat-based diet is a great non-vegan to date.

Isn’t it easier to avoid Non-vegans?

Even dating a vegan, there is no guarantee the person will stay vegan for the rest of their life. Dating non-vegans opens up a bigger pool of potential partners, who are likely to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle in the future anyways watching our eat your delicious vegan food.

How to inspire a Non-vegan?

Take them to a farm sanctuary or watch earthling or cowspiracy together. If the person is interested in health, show them a health related vegan movie or give them a book to read that inspired you to go vegan and eat healthier. Watch vegan youtube channels you love together, cook a vegan dinner together and take them to a vegan meet up.

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