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Celery slaw variation

Smoked tomato soup

      Knife, Food Processor, Blender, Smoking Gun

1 lb organic
2 lb ripe, organic
tomatoes, smoked
1/2 cup raw, organic
pumpkin seeds
to taste organic
dried spices
Cut the tomatoes in halves and smoke them. Crush the pumpkin seed in the food processor and place them in a large bowl. Food process the celery, not to fine. Add the celery to the bowl, add the spices, and mix everything thoroughly. Blend the tomatoes. Pour the tomato soup over the celery mix. Enjoy.

Made this one with Zucchini, garlic, & basil. The variations are endless. Always delicious.

Celery Slaw

Easy to make, cooked food like dish.
      Food Processor, Knife

Main Ingredients

1 pound fresh, organic
celery, washed, leaves removed, roughly chopped
1 organic
bell pepper, roughly chopped
2 small, organic
tomatoes, roughly chopped
1/2 ripe, organic
Shred all the ingredients in the food processor. Start with the celery, it needs a little longer than the other ingredients. I always pulse blend to have the greatest control over the texture. Ones the celery is chopped finely, add the bell pepper and the tomatoes and process again. Add the avocado last and process for just a couple of seconds. Serve and enjoy.


1-2 fresh, organic
to taste raw, organic coconut
to taste organic
lemon, juced
1/2 cup fresh, organic
1 glove fresh, organic
These ingredients are nice to add. I might use some of them, sometimes even all of them. I add these additional ingredients first thing with the celery to the food processor.

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