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My husband loves figs. He could eat dried figs all the time. I hate them. But I get jealous watching him enjoying those little sweet shrivels. I decided to give figs a try and I got myself some fresh ones, which I can manage, as long as they don't numb my tong, golden figs, and some black figs. I must say, the golden and the black figs taste pretty sweet, have more flavor, are less dry than the regular ones. Litte sweet candies.

Picking Apricots

How exciting is it to eat some of the few apricots your tree gifted you with.


Berries are the best. The berry season is too short in Germany, so every day counts. Got these beauties at the Kollwitzplatz Farmers Market in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. Best demeter berries in the city.

Wild strawberry

Flavor explosion guaranteed. These rare berries can be found in European forest i early summer. They also grow pretty well in a shadowy garden.

Organic Peaches

Just the other day I found a bee crawling around in the parking lot, I took her to the nearest flower hoping she can reenergieze and fly back home. Keeping my eyes open for the beauty of the urban nature pays off almost every day. Today, I watched this beautiful hard worker on a white flower.


Found these awesome delicious longans at a farmers market on big island

Hawaiian Fruit

Hawaii has it all, mangosteens, durian, lychees, longans, & water apples. I'm in heaven.

Cruelty-free Easter

As a long time vegan I genuinely believed that my diet was 100% cruelty free. I didn't harm or kill anyone. Or did I? Years later, I realised that I couldn't be more wrong. Luckily, there is a way to avoid much better than by eating a vegetarian diet. To eat a vegan diet.


Beautiful delicious durian