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It’s all about raw food and durians | Ubud, Bali

As every day, we are going to eat some amazing raw vegan food. Today, we are going to one of our fav raw food restaurant in Bali - The Seeds of Life, they have daily specials, and we NEED to try the Mondays' special lasagne today. For dinner, we got 8 durians and ate 5 of them (they are much smaller as the ones you get in Thailand, and 2 were not really edible, so don't worry, we are not gonna die of all the fat, and we had fruit for breakfast.

Raw Food Prep with Alicia from Rawsynergy

We are up to a road trip. Visiting good friends is the best reason to do one, right. Alicia from Rawsynergy invited us today, we are going to make 2 amazing dishes together. We had so much fun in the kitchen making and filming the recipes for you. We ate the salads for dinner with our husbands. It’s so amazing to meet likeminded people you feel instantly connected to and know it’s the beginning of of a long and awesome friendship.