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Raw restaurant in Madrid.

Apple pie

Healthy raw vegan apple pie recipe anyone can make.

Where to buy organic in Barcelona

Before traveling to Barcelona, we searched for organic options online and new there are organic shops, but we had no idea there so many so great fully organic shops, vegan stores and raw vegan foods. We hope we can help you to plan your shopping in Barcelona.

Museums in Barcelona

Best art museums in Barcelona Miró CCCB Picasso MNAC MACBA Tàpies Fundació Joan Miró Created by Miró himself, Fundació Joan Miró offers an incredible overview of Miró’s art throughout his life. We loved the incredible building, that took us on a long art walk inside and outside. The museum has an very useful audioguide, it’s not free, but totally worth it. It has explanations to many paintings, as well as several walk and supplemental information you will only find out if you play with the audio guide around. More about my experience and more pictures here. More information on the … Continue reading

Flea Markets in Barcelona

Best flea markets in Barcelona Barcelona has unique, stylish, hipster and huge flea markets to offer. We are very spoiled flea markets enthusiast and wouldn’t recommend coming to Barcelona on a quest for awesome antiques, but once you are here and have couple of hours on the weekend and nothing better to do, try your luck here. Lost & Found Encants flea market Fleadonia Port Antic Lost & Found Lost and Found is held in an amazing Train Station, what a magical setup for a stylish flea market. A polished flea market with mostly hipster vintage clothes and furniture. You … Continue reading