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Vegan Market in Berlin

The Green Market is an all vegan event we love to go to meet amazing people and eat some great food.

How to pick a ripe sweet watermelon

Best tips for picking a ripe amazing sweet watermelon. Tap it, squish it, smell it, inspect it. Look for a bright full color Large melons are more likely fully developed and ripe Tap, tap, tap! A watermelon should sound kind of like when your hitting your chest. It shouldn’t be soft. Look for a firm melon.

Quick Raw Burger

This is the real fast food, no cooking, to waiting, just biting in.

Chocolate Factory

Ever wondered where and how chocolate is made? We wanted to find out and went to Big Tree Farms, a raw vegan chocolate factory in Bali.

Should vegans preach about veganism?

Even a hint about a possibility to live happily and healthy without eating animal flesh is perceived as preaching by flesh eating humans. Should we withhold the information that could change the life of the unknowing and the lives and of thousands of animals to a better? Should we not talk about the possibility of a life without eating rotten flesh? Every single vegan I’ve met within the past 3 year stated clearly that gong vegan was the best decision of his life. The only regret this decisions is not to go vegan earlier. I feel the same! But who … Continue reading

Travel Food & Snacks

Traveling raw vegan is scary? Impossible? Too stressful? I don't think so! Traveling raw vegan for 3 years, we have some tips and tricks you should know if the thought of traveling raw stresses you out.

Tom Yum Soup

Vegan and raw take on the most famous of all Thai foods.

Organic Discounter shopping

Especially in metropolis like New York City, far far away from the sunny California and fruity Mexico, organic produce can be quit pricy. All the tiny organic stores and markets, the Whole Foods Market seem unaffordable. To balance out the expenses, an occasional stop at Trader Joe's might be necessary.


Replacing salt without loosing the flavor.