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Rohkost funktioniert nur in den Tropen!?

We get it a lot: „I would eat raw if I lived where you live!“. Actually, we started eating raw in Germany during the winter, we had no intention to move to a warmer place. And it worked out so well, we even stopped drinking warm tea after just one week eating raw. There are so many reasons people come up with to not to change their habits and believes, „there is no fruit where I live“ is just one of them. Actually, the fruit situation in the tropics if not as paradisiac as we’ve imagined.

Only a few different fruits are available at a time. Most fruits, like mangos, are only in season for a very short period of time. Back in Germany, even in the coldest winter, there are oranges, bananas, persimmons, apples and some exotic fruit for the same prise we would pay in Bangkok, but in Germany they will even be certified organic.

Good quality fruit is never cheap, if you try to buy organic or non sprayed fruit, it is always much more expensive and harder to find. Drinking water in gals bottles is 2 to 3 times more expensive than back home. Prepping a salad takes 5 times longer thank bach home as you can’t use tap water to wash the produce.

Extra costs?
Food related costs like water you need to buy and expensive drinking water are an additions spending and effort living in the tropics requires.

Eating raw is as hard and as expensive in colder climates as it is in warm climate if you care about the quality of your food. If you want to eat raw, you can make it happen pretty much anywhere. And if you don’t, there is always an excuse.

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