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Smoothies for a week | nut-free, vegan, raw

In the morning, I have no self-control, I need a plan. If I don't feel like eating fruit, which is usually my go to breakfast, I'll make a smoothie. It's a plan, right? Let's try it for a week straight.These fruit smoothies taste much better than coffee and will do a better job waking you up and keeping you energised till the next meal.

Tom Yum Soup

Vegan and raw take on the most famous of all Thai foods.

Tabbouleh without cauliflower

Tabbouleh is a staple in our kitchen and one of my fav salads. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like cauliflower. Here is something we both more than enjoy.

Cheeziest sauce and the best raw noodles

I have quite a few favorite recipes, this one is the latest addition to the list. I love everything about these noodles, their color, last, texture. The sauce is to die for. Creamy, cheezy, salty. You will not believe how easy and simple the recipe is.

Falafel salad

Inspired by the amazing raw vegan falafel salads I had in NYC and Los Angeles, I made my own version of falafel keeping it as low in fat as possible and salt-free.

Smoked tomato soup

Just the other day I found a bee crawling around in the parking lot, I took her to the nearest flower hoping she can reenergieze and fly back home. Keeping my eyes open for the beauty of the urban nature pays off almost every day. Today, I watched this beautiful hard worker on a white flower.


We biked to our nearest Whole Foods today to get a little workout and to pick up some ingredients for our breakfast. We have lots of ripe bananas at home and we want to use them up. A muesli is a perfect way to eat lots of bananas we believe. It's a beautiful large market with lots of organic produce. We decided to buy some strawberries, cashews, and mulberries. It really doesn't matter what kind of berries you use. Everything tastes great in this muesli. The same with the nuts, we added a little almond butter, cashews, pistachios, but you can leave them out or use the nuts and nut butters you like the most.


Tabbouleh is an awesome main dish, side dish, and an easy to make party food. Make it in a minute. No cooking, no cooling down. Instant deliciousness.


Everyone knows pickled cucumbers, but have you ever tried pickled tomatoes?


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Salt-free. 20 times cheaper than buying at a store. So delicious in recipes.

Kale Salad

How to Prep Kale Get the Freshest Organic Kale Possible ​your health food store or your farmers market has some awesome kale for sure avoid pre-cut and pre-washed kale if you can as with all greens (or any food) i only buy organic wash your kale in a big bowl take it out dry it (watch the video for my special technique) remove the leaves from the stems (watch the video for my special technique) rip up the lettuce leaves use them like this or massage them to make them soft and juicy now they are ready for my to-good-to-not-be-famous … Continue reading


Replacing salt without loosing the flavor.


Even better its raw vegan, easy to make, and super delicious! Check it out.



Mini Pizzas

Amazing pizzas without crust, easy to make, can be made low fat.


Looking for a simple guac recipe you can make in just a minute? Here it is.

Raspberry ice cream

Banana Ice cream is super easy to make, healthy, cheap, delicious. Especially served with fresh raspberries.