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cafe gratitude berkeley

cafe gratitude has this amazing concept of vegan and organic and offers wonderful raw dishes

we went there for a late lunch and had the mediterranean sampler plate  “i am abundant” with hummus, pesto, and olive tapenade, with raw live almond bread ($14) and came mixed greens and  balsamic dressing, the dressing is probably not raw, our server was not sure about its raw status the sampler plate was delicious!!! the bread that came with it was not enough, so we ordered additional amazing almond bread as a site ($3.5) and the onion bread ($3.5)

we also had the  raw pizza “i ma hearty” ($13) was ok but not as good that i gonna have it ever again and the breakfast bagel “i am peace” that we loved at the cafe gratitude in santa cruz  ($6.5) was flavorless, the bread and the cheese were totally different than those we had yesterday in santa cruz, maybe because of the salty dishes i had before, gonna it it first the next time

they had no tiramisu but an amazing chocolate-hazelnut mousse pie “i am bliss” that we instantly felt in love with ($8.5)

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